A13-045N2A Laptop AC Adapter,ACER A13-045N2A Adapter for Acer PA-1450-26AL ADP-45HE B A13-045N2A is special in UK

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Compatible Part Numbers:

KP.0450H.001, KP.04501.003, KP.04503.004, KP.0450H.006, KP.0450H.007, KP.0450H.008, A13-045N2A, ADP-45HE BB, PA-1450-26AC, A045R016L, W045R033L-AC01, W045R034L-AC01, W045R035L-AC01.For ACER ASPIRE E3 SERIES: ACER ASPIRE E3-111, , E3-112, E3-112-C1T9, E3-112-P1GT

Compatible Model Numbers:

ASPIRE E5-721, , E5-422, E5-422G, E5-473, E5-473G, E5-522, E5-522G, E5-532, E5-532G, E5-471P,
ASPIRE ES1-512, E5-532T, E5-471P-56RF, E5-573, E5-573G, E5-573T, E5-573TG, E5-573-754K, E5-721,
E5-573-35AQ, E5-722, E5-722G, E5-721-66XJ, E5-731, E5-731G, E5-771, E5-771G, E5-573-3870,
E5-573-57DV, E5-573-516D, E5-721-64T8,

ES1-431, , ES1-512, ES1-S71, ES1-531, ES1-711, ES1-711G, ES1-731, ES1-731G, ES1-512-P84G,
ES1-711-P1UV, ES1-512-C9Y5, ES1-512-C80E, ES1-711-P3YR, ES1-711-P2UG E5-721-20GJ,
ES1-512-C5S4, ES1-111, ES1-111M, ES1-131, ES1-512-C96S, ES1-311, ES1-512-25TP,
ES1-331, ES1-711-C7TL, ES1-411, ES1-420, ES1-421, ASPIRE ES1-711

ACER A13-045N2A Adapter Supply Cord/Charger Tips:

1.Please make sure you have order a correct connector.

2.Plase make sure the DC OUTPUT of ACER A13-045N2A adapters & Connector size are accordant before order.

3.Do not try to modify or disassemble the ACER A13-045N2A

4.Do not place A13-045N2A adapter in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.

5.Do not short circuit the A13-045N2A ACER adapter terminals while you charging for your laptop.

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