BAT-60122-003 battery,Blackberry BAT-60122-003 battery for Blackberry Priv STV100-2 with 3360mah/12.87wh is special

High quality Blackberry BAT-60122-003 Cell Phone Batteries for Blackberry Priv STV100-2 wholesale or retail in, BAT-60122-003 battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed Blackberry original specifications, buy BAT-60122-003 batteries get 30% off.


Compatible Part Numbers:

BAT-60122-003 HUSV1

Compatible Model Numbers:

Blackberry Priv STV100-2 BAT-60122-003

Blackberry BAT-60122-003 battery tips:

1.Carefulness read narrate book of battery,use commendatory battery.

2.New battery pack must be fully charged before use.

3.New Blackberry BAT-60122-003 battery needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can condition to full capacity.

4.Rechargeable batteries undergo self-discharging when left unused. Always store a BAT-60122-003 battery pack in a fully charged stage for storage.

5.Fully drain and fully recharge your battery pack every few month.

6.Li-ion and NiMH battery can not interchangeable.

7.Turn down the LCD brightness of your portable device.

8.Use built-in power management on your portable device.

9.Turn off LCD or other unnecessary accessories when not in use.

10.Set screen saver blank to 1 to 2 minutes of your Blackberry BAT-60122-003 notebook.

11.It is normal to get warm when charging or normal use. If it is getting too hot, there may be a problem with the device and qualified personnel should check it.

12.Research the electric appliance and the Blackberry BAT-60122-003 Cell Phone Batteries contact elements is whether clean, when necessity is clean with the wet cloth mop, after dry loads according to the correct polar direction.

13.BAT-60122-003 battery of Blackberry should stock in cool place, and dry.

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